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Market Update

Government efforts to get more homes built are, finally, meeting with some limited success but economic and market conditions suggest it is going to be a long, uphill climb. Since the middle of September Ottawa has been able to trumpet

Persistent inflation leads the Bank of Canada to increase its benchmark interest rate

Today, the Bank of Canada increased its overnight interest rate to 5.00% (+0.25% from June) because of the “accumulation of evidence” that excess demand and elevated core inflation are both proving more persistent and after taking into account its “revised


When you’re looking for a new mortgage or refinancing, lenders will look at both your debt servicing ratios and your credit score as part of the process. Your debt servicing ratios give lenders information about your ability to repay the

Looming election could lull housing policies

Everybody says they do not want to do it. But everybody is getting ready for it. And some are shifting those preparations into overdrive. The next federal election does not have to be held until 2023, but there are sound

Proposed change to uninsured qualifying rate

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) recently proposed a change to uninsured qualifying rate rules. Upon confirmation, effective June 1, 2021, OSFI will require uninsured mortgages to qualify at the greater of: the OSFI-defined five-year minimum qualifying